Can I travel with my medication?

While you can travel within Canada with your medical cannabis, you are required to transport it in the original container it was provided in as well as a copy of your registration document and proof of identity. If you are flying, it is highly recommended you speak with a representative from the airline to confirm if they have any specific requirements such as stowing your medication in checked luggage for travel.

Does medical cannabis have a DIN#?

Unfortunately, while Health Canada allows medical cannabis treatment it does not currently have a DIN# because it has not been classified as a prescription drug. This can make it challenging to get coverage from your insurance for medical cannabis.

Can I have a caregiver added to my account who can purchase my medication for me?

Yes, absolutely. At Sensi Medical we recognize that some patients require a Caregiver to act on their behalf when facilitating their treatment. If you need to add a Caregiver to your account or are a Caregiver for someone and you need to be added to their account please contact our team today. You will be required to provide additional information and approval of the changes to the account may take 1-2 business days.