Why do I need a prescription if cannabis if I can go to a retail store and buy it?

There are many benefits to being a medical cannabis patient versus buying through a recreational store. Here are a few of our favourite reasons:

  • Medical cannabis prescriptions can be covered under some insurance plans (all insurance plans are different, so make sure to check your coverage).
  • Medical cannabis can be written off as a medical expense on your tax return every year.
  • Compassionate pricing, discounts for Seniors and other groups are available from Licensed Producers.
  • Ordering is all done online, with the products being shipped directly to your door by Canada Post or Purolator.
  • Medical cannabis products have a wider variety of CBD dominant products available and often have other rapid on-set formats not available in the recreational market.
  • By obtaining a medical cannabis prescription, your treatment will be supervised by an experienced Healthcare practitioner. If any of your practitioners want to be kept updated on your treatment, we’re happy to send them informed with reports.
  • Proper oversight from a healthcare practitioner can ensure that interactions with any of your other pharmaceutical medications are taken into account prior to and during treatment to improve outcomes and ensure you are using the best formats and strains as part of your treament.
  • Medical cannabis patients often report a reduction in other prescription medications like opioids, etc.

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