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Medical cannabis may be covered by some insurance plans in Canada, depending on the provider and Province. SensiMED can help you understand your coverage options, including coverage through health spending accounts. Patients who have been in a motor vehicle accident may also be eligible for coverage through accident benefits.

Contact your Licensed Healthcare Practitioner to learn more about coverage options. Please note that Medical Cannabis does not have a Health Canada Drug Identification Number (DIN) and is not covered under prescription drug plans. However, it could be payable under “All other Extended Health Care” category. It’s always important to check with your insurance company for any coverage and what conditions they cover before making any claims. Below is a list of top insurance providers we are partnered with*:

*Some providers have a limited the amount of diagnosis’s that can be covered financially. Contact your HR department or your provider to discover whether your medical cannabis expenses are available for coverage.

Claiming Cannabis as a Medical Expense 

Cannabis is an eligible medical expense under Revenue Canada’s Medical Expense Tax Credit  so you can claim expenses related to medical cannabis on your tax return as long as you have receipts from an approved Health Canada Licenced Producer, accompanied by a medical authorization to back up your claim. SensiMED can support you with a receipt from our marketplace to ensure you can claim your medication on your tax return.  

Does Your Benefit Plan Cover Medical Cannabis?

There are a variety of private insurance companies that provide drug benefits, disability benefits, and health spending accounts. Coverage for medical cannabis is becoming more routine for certain conditions, however some insurance companies are still not considering requests for coverage of cannabis.

SensiMED will work with you to determine what coverage you may have with your insurance company. We also work with benefits providers and employers to help educate them and develop sensible cannabis policies to help reduce stigma and affordability barriers for medical cannabis treatment.

Does your employer have a Healthcare Spending Account (HCSA or HSA)? You may be eligible to claim your expenses. Research into the medical benefits of cannabis is ongoing and has shown that medical cannabis, when overseen by a licenced healthcare practitioner can benefit people suffering from certain conditions. Your insurance coverage may be limited to certain conditions.

To find out whether your workplace benefits cover medical cannabis, contact your Human Resources department.

Need help? Contact us today! Our Patient Advisors are here to help assist and support you through this journey. Reach out to us with your questions or concerns.