Frequently Asked Questions

  • General FAQ
  • Will Veterans Affairs Cover the Cost of Medical Cannabis?

    Yes, we have found that veterans affairs will cover most of the costs associated with medical Cannabis use including the cost of vaporizers. Typically, Veterans are approved for coverage from Veteran’s Affairs Canada for up to $8.50/g to a limit of 3g/day. Contact us and we can help you with all of the forms required by Veterans Affairs Canada.

    Why do I need a prescription for cannabis if I can go to a retail store and buy it?

    There are many benefits to being a medical cannabis patient versus buying through a recreational store. Here are a few of our favourite reasons: Medical cannabis prescriptions can be covered under some insurance plans (all insurance plans are different, so make sure to check your coverage). Medical cannabis can be written off as a medical expense on your tax return every year. Compassionate pricing, discounts for Seniors and other groups are available from Licensed Producers. Ordering is all done online, with the products being shipped directly to your door by Canada Post or Purolator. Medical cannabis products have a wider variety of CBD dominant products available and often have other rapid on-set formats not available in the recreational market. By obtaining a medical cannabis prescription, your treatment will be supervised by an experienced Healthcare practitioner. If any of your practitioners want to be kept updated on your treatment, we’re happy to send them informed with reports. Proper oversight from a healthcare practitioner can ensure that interactions with any of your other pharmaceutical medications are taken into account prior to and during treatment to improve outcomes and ensure you are using the best formats and strains as part of your treament. Medical cannabis patients often report a reduction in other prescription medications like opioids, etc.

    How will I be notified when my registration is approved?

    You will receive an email from Sensi Medical once your registration has been received and another email confirming if your account has been approved. If you have not received an email confirming your approval after 72 hrs please contact our team to investigate. You can reach us at 1-(833)-444-4664 or email us at

    How much medication can I order?

    The amount of cannabis you can order will depend on how much you have been authorized for on your medical document. When you register as a patient your the information on your medical document is added to your Sensi Medical patient profile and this is then used to determine how much cannabis you can purchase per month. For instance, if you have been authorized for 1g/day then you can purchase up to 30g/month. If you are buying oils or other formats, the appropriate equivalency factor will be applied, for example, 15 soft gel caps would be equivalent to 2g of dried cannabis and therefore 2g would be deducted from your monthly allotment.

    How much does medical cannabis cost?

    The price and average cost vary based on the producer, strain and form. You can typically expect to pay between $5-12 per gram.

    How long will it take for my registration to be approved so I can place my first order?

    The Sensi Medical team will review your registration within 24hrs of receiving it. Approval time depends on whether we have received all the information required as well as your medical document. Once we have all the accurate information needed approval can take up to 1-2 days.

    How do I register to become a Sensi Medical patient?

    To register as a Sensi Medical patient, visit our registration page or call us at 1-(833)-444-4664 to register over the phone with one of our Patient Advisors.

    How do I order my medication?

    To order medical cannabis from Sensi Medical you must first register as a patient and provide your valid medical document from a licensed healthcare practitioner. Once registered your information will be reviewed to ensure all the information and the medical document provided are accurate. Your account will then be approved and once approved you can go to the shop page on and purchase product. If you need help ordering you can call our Patient Advisors at 1-(833)-444-4664 and place an order over the phone.

    How do I obtain a prescription for medical cannabis?

    To obtain a medical cannabis authorization, you should speak to your primary physician or visit a specialized cannabis clinic. Both physicians and nurse practitioners can authorize patients for medical cannabis treatment and most clinics now offer virtual appointments. You can visit our partner clinic Medical Marijuana Consulting and make a virtual appointment today!

    Does medical cannabis have a DIN#?

    While Health Canada allows medical cannabis treatment it does not currently have a DIN# because it has not been classified as a prescription drug. This can make it challenging to get coverage from your insurance for medical cannabis.

    Do you work with Veterans?

    Yes our team is proud to serve Canadian Armed Forces Veterans seeking treatment with medical cannabis. In fact, we have a Patient Advisor who only works with our Veteran patients to ensure consistent and expedient support. Contact our Patient Advisor team today and ask for our Veteran specialist.

    Do I need a referral from my doctor to become a Sensi Medical Patient?

    You do not need a referral to become a patient but you will need medical authorization or a medical document from a licensed practitioner. This can be your primary physician or you can also make an appointment to speak with an experienced licensed practitioner at a specialized cannabis clinic. Sensi Medical is partnered with the Medical Marijuana Consulting clinic. To access the free services of MMC click here and set up a virtual appointment to consult with their healthcare practitioners to determine if medical cannabis is right for you.

    Can I travel with my medication?

    While you can travel within Canada with your medical cannabis, you are required to transport it in the original container it was provided in as well as a copy of your registration document and proof of identity. If you are flying, it is highly recommended you speak with a representative from the airline to confirm if they have any specific requirements such as stowing your medication in checked luggage for travel.

    Can I return my medication?

    Please consult our Returns Policy for details. Please do not send product returns to our head office location as we are not able to accept returns at this location. As per our Returns Policy, please reach out to a Patient Advisor regarding your issue or concerns and we will work with you to determine the best course of action.

    Can I have a caregiver added to my account who can purchase my medication for me?

    Yes, absolutely. At Sensi Medical we recognize that some patients require a Caregiver to act on their behalf when facilitating their treatment. If you need to add a Caregiver to your account or are a Caregiver for someone and you need to be added to their account please contact our team today. You will be required to provide additional information and approval of the changes to the account may take 1-2 business days.

    Can I claim medical cannabis as a medical expense on my taxes?

    Yes! Medical cannabis is considered a medical expense and therefore you can claim it with all of your other medical expenses that you file with your taxes. If you need any guidance or direction on how to claim your medication please let us know and we will be happy to help you.