Returns Policy

Return Policy for Cannabis Products

The following information and procedures (the “Return Policy”) relate to the return of medical products (each a “Product”) of Sensi Brands Ltd. and/or any of its related and affiliated companies (collectively and as the case may be, “Sensi Medical”), that have been purchased by a registered patient of Sensi Medical (the “Patient”). This Return Policy is subject to change at any time, and from time to time, in Sensi Medical’s sole, absolute and unfettered discretion.

1. Procedures for Return of Products

Patients should review this Return Policy to confirm that the Product in question is an Eligible Product (as defined in Section 2 below) which can be returned. Patients are required to contact Sensi Medical’s patient care team (the “Patient Care Team”) by either email or telephone (see details below in Section 4) and advise the Patient Care Team of the following in respect of the Product that is proposed to be returned:

  1. Name and address of the Patient who ordered the Product;
  2. If the Product return notification is coming from a caregiver, or someone authorized to represent the Patient, then they will also need to confirm their contact information (name, email, phone number, position);
  3. Product information
    1. Type of Product being returned,
    1. Brand/strain,
    1. Source lot number,
    1. Amount of Product being returned,
    1. Packaged on date, and
    1. Order date;
  4. Reason(s) for the return; and
  5. Condition of Product and Product packaging.

If possible, kindly provide photos of the Product when contacting the Patient Care Team. Once notified of the return, and upon receipt of the information outlined above, Sensi Medical will review and determine if the return will be accepted by Sensi Medical.

If Sensi Medical decides not to accept a return, it will provide the Patient with the reasons therefore in writing. If Sensi Medical does authorize the return of a Product, the Patient will be provided with a case number (“Case Number”) for the return as well as the address where it is to be delivered. The Patient will also be provided with written instructions on how to package and ship the returned Product to the address provided.

The Patient should send the Product to the address provided, to the attention of “Patient Care Team”, within seven (7) days of receiving the Case Number, and include the Case Number clearly on the return packaging. Any tracking number and shipping details including carrier, estimated delivery date, etc. should be provided by the Patient to the Patient Care Team.

If the Product has not been delivered to Sensi Medical within a seven (7) day period after the Patient was provided with a Case Number, the Patient Care Team should be contacted again to receive a new Case Number, provided, however, that the Product still qualifies as an Eligible Product at the time the Patient contacts the Patient Care Team again for a new Case Number.

An individual who is returning cannabis Products must prepare the parcel in a manner that ensures the security of its contents as per applicable laws, regulations, rules, policies, notices and instruments including, without limitation, the Cannabis Act (Canada) and the Criminal Code (Canada), and regulations thereunder, all as may be amended or replaced from time to time (“Applicable Law”). The cost of shipping the Product return to Sensi Medical is the sole responsibility and obligation of the Patient.

Any communication to Sensi Medical and the Patient Care Team should reference the provided Case Number. Returns will only be accepted at the delivery address provided by the Patient Care Team.

2. Products Eligible for Return

To be eligible for return a Product must have been (i) delivered by or on behalf of Sensi Medical; and (ii) received and accepted by the Patient in accordance with Applicable Law.

Only Products in the following categories are eligible to be returned to Sensi Medical (each an “Eligible Product”):

a) Products that are delivered to the Patient where there is visible damage to the Product;

b) Products where the packaging has been tampered with or otherwise damaged at the time of delivery; or

c) Products where the Patient has reported an adverse reaction or injury,

provided, however, that the Patient follows the steps outlined in accordance with this Return Policy and contacts the Patient Care Team no later than three (3) months from the date such Product was shipped by or on behalf of Sensi Medical to the Patient.

3. Replacement, Credit or Reimbursement of Returned Products

It is in Sensi Medical’s sole, absolute and unfettered discretion whether a Patient will receive a replacement Product, a credit or reimbursement for the returned Product.

4. Miscellaneous

Replacements, credits or reimbursements, if any, will not be issued by Sensi Medical if the provisions outlined in this Return Policy are not followed.

Sensi Medical reserves the right to verify all proposed Product returns to ensure that they conform to this Return Policy.

Sensi Medical reserves the right to destroy all Products that are returned to it whether or not the Product is eligible for replacement, credit or reimbursement.

Questions about this Return Policy should be directed to the Sensi Medical Patient Care Team at 1-844-###-#### or email the Patient Care Team at