Emblem Oil CBD 20

THC: 0-10 mg/g  |  0%  -  1%
CBD:  |  1%  -  2%

1 x 30ml





About this product

This CBD dominant full spectrum cannabis oil contains a CBD to THC ratio of 20:1, meaning the oil is predominantly CBD, with only only trace amounts of THC for little to no psychoactive effects. CBD 20 also refers to the mg/mL of CBD found in each bottle. Emblem’s oil is cultivar-specific (meaning only a single cultivar is used to produce the extract) creating a consistent experience each time.

The active cannabinoids and terpenes have been faithfully extracted from the cannabis flower, and should be taken orally using the syringe included with the bottle. Thanks to the easy and discrete usage, along with the more consistent effects that come with precise dosing, cannabis oils are an excellent choice for medical cannabis consumption.

One 60mL bottle will use up 10g of your monthly prescription, as 6mL of oil equals 1g of dried flower. One 30mL bottle will use up 5g of your monthly prescription.

Terpene profiles present in Emblem's extract products can be viewed in the accompanying pie chart. Terpenes are represented as a percentage of all terpenes detected via third-party testing.

Cannabis Oils
0-10 mg/g  |  0%  -  1%
 |  1%  -  2%
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