Stewart Farms Seaweed OG CBD Salt Soak

THC: 50 mg  |  0.05%
CBD: 1000 mg  |  0.5%

1 x 500g





About this product

Let the waves of the Atlantic Ocean wash away your worries with our East Coast-inspired foaming salt soak! This invigorating and moisturizing formula is designed to help clarify your mind and body. Featuring seaweed harvested from the Bay of Fundy and an invigorating and restorative blend of botanicals.Eucalyptus is high in Eucalyptol which may help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and ease muscle tension. It has been found relieving in the treatment of respiratory conditions.Dead Sea Mineral Salts are rich in magnesium and promote circulation. Soaking in these salts can relieve joint pain and muscle stiffness. Snow Mushroom Extract is rich in Vitamin-D and has skin-hydrating and anti-aging qualities. The extract has been shown to easily penetrate the skin's layers, forming a protective film of moisture that restores the look and feel of skin.Rebound Salt Soaks are unlike any other bath salt on the market: Engineered with natural absorption enhancers and a plant-based surfactant to ensure botanicals and cannabinoids are dispersed throughout the tub and absorbed instead of settling to the bottom or forming a ring around the tub. This innovative formula produces a luxurious and moisturizing foam, taking bath salts to a new level. Our Salt Soaks won't leave you feeling dry or irritated; we’ve added moisturizing and skin-hydrating botanicals that won't leave your skin dry or irritated.

50 mg  |  0.05%
1000 mg  |  0.5%
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